Friday, September 6, 2013

God's sovereignty, Jonah, and other babblings.....

I was reading another entry someone had written today, on the Proverbs 31 woman website.  The author made the point that God was doing a good thing for Jonah when he caused a fish to swallow him; he kept him from drowning.  I honestly had never thought of it like that before.  Then I thought about my life, and how I have identified with Jonah's failings, and it really put my past trials and difficulties in a different light.  I'm still new to this idea of divine providence and the idea of God's sovereignty, but more and more I am finding it to be a great comfort.  I know that I don't run my life so well sometimes; what a relief that I don't have to run the universe for Him either.  The idea that God can cause ALL things to work for my good, even hard things, is a powerful thought. 

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