Friday, September 6, 2013

A Psalm of My Own

I am currently being mentored by my pastor's wife, and my assignment this week was to write a psalm of praise to God based on scriptures we have been discussing.    I thought I would share it here.  
My Psalm
Bless the Lord, O my soul.
Let the meditation of my heart and words of my mouth be filled with your life-giving, abundant Love.
I praise you O mighty God, because of your many wonderful works.
Your name alone is a fortress; a bulwark of salvation to those who hope in you.
You alone are worthy of the praise of my mouth; your holiness is ever before me.
I have said to my heart, let us seek the Lord while He may be found. Let us ascend His holy hill and climb to His holy mountain. Let us come to His holy habitation, and commune with him.
But how can I, O God? Like Isaiah, I am a woman of unclean lips. My sin is a constant, hateful companion. How may I enter your gates, and ascend your holy hill? For you are pure and true; No sin can dwell in your presence.
I come to you, Father, in my spiritual poverty. I come to you, and in boldness born of the experience of knowing your great love for me, I beseech you for eye salve, that I may see clearly, and for cleansing and forgiveness from all my sin. Only you can make me whole. Only by your grace and your mercy may I come into your presence. Of myself, I am unworthy; And yet you welcome me with open arms, a prodigal returned.
I will tell of your works to all the people; I will sing of your compassions which never fail! I will declare your Word to all who will listen! Your praises shall continually be in my mouth!
Praise the Lord for His faithfulness! Surely he has born us as a mother nursing her child! Though we each have turned astray, He has been steadfast, constant, and secure.
Where else can we turn that will satisfy the longings of our soul? You alone have the pathways of life. You alone are worthy of our affections and attention.
Let us tear down the Asherah poles; let us put away with idols. Come, O people of God. Renew your zeal; let every place of pride be brought low in our hearts. In our humiliation, let us be truly humbled to seek the face of God. Let every place of weakness be used to exalt you, O Lord.
A mighty fortress is our God; your enemies flee at the puff of your nostrils.
With your gaze alone you level mountains. Though I be surrounded by ten thousand of my fiercest enemies, I will fear not. For you are with me, and I place my trust in you.
I will place no trust in my flesh; it is weak, fading, and frail.
I will place no trust in my mind: it will bend truth to make lies.
I will not look to my storehouses or the number of my “chariots”, for all these things belong to you truly, Lord. You make men great, and you bring them low for your divine purposes and plans.
You and your word alone are what sustain me. Your Spirit is what flows inside me, bringing life and teaching me the ways of truth. 
  How great is the King! Let all the nations tremble before him! Let every knee bow and every tongue confess the wisdom, power, and love that is the God we serve! Amen.

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