Friday, April 24, 2015

Starting FB sabbatical

Well, I started my sabbatical from facebook today, and the first thought I had was that I should post a status about my sabbatical. Yes, I know.  Pathetic.  lol Anyway, I am hoping I will be more productive and focused without the distraction.  Today is April 23.  I plan to revisit the notion whether I will return to Facebook in September.  We shall see how it goes.  I am nervous about the potential for being out of the "loop" on events that are coming up.  But there is alot about facebook I won't miss. And lately it just seems to be more of a headache, that adds to my distraction and takes away from my ability to minister to all the people around me to which God as called me.  As for the information superhighway,   I rather prefer hanging out in my dark, lonely corner of the internet.  That's one reason my blog is fairly lackluster, to be quite honest.  I like to look back over my entries from time to time, but I am just not that concerned with appealing to the masses.  Anyway, I wanted to post something as a marker, just so that I will be able to find out how long it's been, in case I forget.