Friday, September 13, 2013

New name for my blog/Update on Joseph

Now it happened as they went that He entered a certain village; and a certain woman named Martha welcomed Him into her house.   And she had a sister called Mary, who also sat at Jesus’ feet and heard His word.  But Martha was distracted with much serving, and she approached Him and said, “Lord, do You not care that my sister has left me to serve alone? Therefore tell her to help me.” And Jesus answered and said to her, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and troubled about many things.  But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her.” -Luke 10:38-42

Well, I decided to change the name of the blog.  I decided the old name sounded too much like I thought I was teaching everyone (Originally, the blog was called "Lessons Under the Cherry Tree", when I meant it to mean that I MYSELF was the one learning), so this is the best I can come up with for now.  I have always been more of a Martha than a Mary.  I am a grade A worrier sometimes, and have struggled in my life with general anxiety and perfectionism.  God, in His sovereignty, decided that having six kids would be one of several ways He is using to transform me, I believe. lol   It's hard to hold onto perfectionism and your sanity simultaneously in a house with six kids.   I also believe God is using my son's journey with Crohn's disease to work in me and him simultaneously, as well as the joys of homeschooling.  My hope is that I am becoming more like Mary, as God teaches me and transforms me.  And that I can share that journey here on this blog.  

Anyway, Joe and I took Joseph to Vandy today to have a colonscopy and upper endoscopy.  He had an MRE last weekend, and we go back this week to the pediatric IBD clinic to go over the procedures and tests, and to make decisions regarding care for Joseph in the upcoming months.  The doctor who did the colonscopy today, Dr. Arthur, said her initial impressions were very good, and she thought Joseph had possibly improved from the last colonscopy that they did  on him in December in Huntsville.   However, there is a stricture that has formed at the site of his terminal ileum, which if it doesn't heal in the next little while, may necessitate a bowel resection of that part of his small intestine.  That was just her initial comments, and really we won't know for sure anything until we see them this week.  I will update more after we see the doctors and go over the tests in greater detail.   

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