Saturday, January 26, 2019

My 500 words Challenge

I just signed up to do a writing challenge, put out by Jeff Goins.  The challenge is to write 500 words every day for atleast 30 days.  This is Day 2.  I want to develop a writing habit; what better way than to attempt this challenge?

In the last two days, my husband and I worked on cleaning out our playroom and changing it over to a home office/craft room.  It had been a complete mess. A while back, I attempted to make it usable for me to paint and craft in, but then everyone else's stuff crowded out my things on the community table in the room, until there was really nowhere for me to be. It was very frustrating.   The truth is, for most of my marriage there has been nowhere in the house that was truly just mine to do with as I wish.  Anywhere I would stake my claim would quickly be overrun with other people's stuff.  My sweet husband could look around and see this was true, so on our date on Tuesday, we talked and he agreed that it would be a good idea for us to each have our own desks and to have the table to be for the kids, for board games, art, and sometimes their sewing projects.  This way, he and I both have one place in the house that is just ours, and we can keep it how we like it.  We talked about fixing the room on Tuesday, but I expected it would take a while to do.  But to my excitement, on Friday, while he was off work, he began rearranging the furniture.  Then yesterday, and this afternoon, we were able to find two used desks that fit the space requirements to go in the room from the salvation army and another thrift store. (One of the desks was only 7 bucks!) We decluttered and sorted, and moved furniture, and now tonight, here I am sitting and typing at my new space for creating.  To say I am excited is an understatement.  I sit here, sipping a decaf coffee, with the smell of toasted vanilla chai candle wafting in the air around me, feeling a sense of accomplishment and peace.  Now I have a sacred space for my writing time.  And now I am on day 2 of the writing challenge. 

I am not sure exactly what direction I will go in with this writing challenge.  I have said for a long time I would like to write a novel.  I also ordered a writing planner online, that should come while I am attempting to do this.  When it gets here, I may blog less and work instead on attempting a novel.  Of course, I would love to think it would be a GOOD novel, but in reality at this point, I think I would just feel good if I actually finished one, even a terrible one.  I am over forty years old; that means a good bit of my life is past.  I hope to be around for a long time, and to live a full life, but no matter how long I live, I know life is short.   I want my life to count for something.  Not with people, necessarily, but with God.  I believe God put me here, with things to do, and maybe some things to say, and a voice to say them with.  I want to find that voice, and use it, while there is still time.   I don't want to waste my life just trying to make everyone happy and coming to the end and finding I wasted my time, and missed the point.  I am not sure if writing figures into this or not for me, but I will never know unless I try. 

I will probably go through my Scrivener tutorial tonight or tomorrow, just so I understand how to use the writing software. 

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