Friday, November 14, 2014

A poem: The Soldiers

I wrote this poem last night, and thought I'd share it here.

The Soldiers

David was donning his saber,
Grand armies he fought in his yard!
And as he went out,
He declared with a shout,
“Mom, I'm off to work hard!”

"Where are you going?” said Mom.
(For Dave was quite handsomely bedecked
With a pirate's kerchief upon his head,
And much ammo around his neck.)

Jon followed him, wearing a sword,
And around his neck was a cape.
The two young soldiers,
Their armory worn,
Stared back at their mom, mouths agape.

“Mom, can't you tell? We are fighting!
Defending the yard from our foes!
With a victory to win,
Amidst all the din,
We'll probably dig out a foxhole.”

“Very well,” said Mom rather calmly,
As she gave them a hug and much lovin',
“Just be sure to be done
By fifteen to one,
For our lunch will be out of the oven.”

“Oh, we will, Mom. “ And outside they jaunted,
Fearless and brave to the core.
And Mom paused and she smiled,
Wishing time would stop- for a while,
These two boys from growing much more.

For right now, she knew, they pretended,
But someday they'd grow up to be men.
And she hoped and she prayed
That for all of their days,
For truth and justice, they'd defend.

Someday, the foes would be real foes,
Like fear, and doubt, and greed,
Though the foes wouldn't be men,
Yet again and again,
They must do battle as they ever have need.

So Mom said a prayer as she watched them,
That God would guard their way,
And help her to be,
The mom that they'd need,
To teach them until that day.

Then Mom said a prayer for their daddy,
For though he was strong and brave and true,
It was wisdom he'd need,
From Jesus to lead,
And God's grace to see them all through.

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