Sunday, December 29, 2013

Getting a jump start on the New Year--Setting goals

Well, I finished the book Shame Interrupted  before Christmas, so I felt really good that I met that goal. Also, Kate and I took our Christmas tree down Friday, and I bought some additional rubbermaid containers yesterday  and got the kids' closets in pretty decent shape.  Today, since Joseph was not feeling well this morning, I stayed in from church with him.  While we were here alone,  I finished typing up my life purpose/goals statement; that monstrosity ended up being 13 pages long (!!!lol), though, so I will not bore anyone with it on here further than I already have just by sharing the main life purpose statement.  I broke it down into eight subheadings: personal godliness, marriage, home and family, home education, ministry, financial, friendships, and health.  Hopefully, thinking through all these things will help me to make better decisions regarding the ways I spend time and money, and help me to push forward in pursuing the best in my relationships with God, my husband, my kids, and others God has put in my life.  I am also hoping to get some direction in the next couple weeks for a way to make regular exercise a part of my life, and also figure out what kind of diet will work for our family, but be doable in our budget and also with Joseph's health issues.  Lots to do today, including a monster pile of clean laundry in my living room floor to be folded.  And lesson planning for the spring semester for the kiddos. One of my goals for the year is to write regularly.  So hopefully I will be blogging a bit more.  And I  promised Joseph in the next day or so that we will play his new board game.    So without further adieu, I will end this post and on to all the stuff I have to do this afternoon.

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