Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Love Song

This is just something I wrote tonight praising my Savior.

Jesus you gave all for me,
Why should I not give all for you?
In love you bore the shameful cross
Paid all my ransom sin had due.

Your face so broken and so marred,
A crown of thorns surround thy head,
You suffered in such agony,
That we your church could now be wed.

Oh Hallelujah! Love's decree
It fills my heart with joyous psalms,
No guilt of sin, no snare of death,
Can ply me from your wounded arms!

Forevermore I'll sing to you
A love song of unending praise,
Each morning when the day begins,
A song of Your mercy and Your grace

And though I stumble, though I fail
To give right effort You are owed,
Though every effort be as frail,
Still I will praise you as I go.

No bit or part shall I hold back
My love I give as best I know
The gifts you give I return to you
An offering of love to show.

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